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Birth Certificates

Legal Educated  – Law Practitionors


You might need to get a birth certificate translated for a visa application, or require hundreds of pages of documentation to be translated for a court case. Whichever it is, absolute accuracy is always essential. We also appreciate that turn-around times can be exceptionally tight, and are used to working even to the most exacting deadlines.

Legal translation is even more demanding than ordinary translation. Conveying the semantic meaning of a legal document is not enough. What matters is the legal meaning, and its expression in a manner that makes sense in the legal culture of the target language. This means that our legal translators also have to be familiar with the legal system of the country in which the document was produced, the legal culture of the language they are translating into, along with general principles of comparative law.

For this reason, most of our legal translators have completed a legal education, and some have practised or continue to practise law.

You can also be assured that your documents will be treated in the utmost confidence.

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